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Welcome to Hazel Class


This term (Summer 2024), our enquiry project will be:

'Could you live in a world without colour?'


Colour has such a significant role in our world today; it is all around us. But it is not simply something to be appreciated and admired; it is a well-known phenomenon that colour can also have a profound effect on feelings. Studies have long since suggested that there is a connection between colour and emotions, indicating that bright, warm colours stimulate energy and happiness, whilst cool, subdued colours are soothing and calming. It is also known that colour has extensive historical, cultural and symbolic attachments in societies across the world. It is often used to subtly or explicitly, carry and influence the values of many societies. Whilst there are a few societies where the use of colour is notably distinct, there is one which stands out as being truly obvious.


India has been long associated with colour thanks to its festivals, costumes and food and it is known today as one of the world’s most colourful countries. Over the course of this term, we will be exploring India and its use of colour. We will look at colour within nature, by exploring the physical geography of the nation and colour within culture and art, by learning about the human geography of the country. We will then compare and contrast this with that of UK, before attempting to answer our enquiry question ‘Could you live in a world without colour?’.


This term's project planner: 


project planner india and the uk summer 1 2.pdf


Our spellings this term:


hazel spellings summer 2 overview.pdf


Social Action Project

For our social action project this year, Year Three are raising awareness for Tablehurst Farm who, as a biodynamic farm,  produces its goods in a sustainable manner. As part of our Stone Age topic, Hazel Class were exploring the concept of sustainability by looking at Stone Age survival in the wild and their use of natural resources to build shelter, make clothes and produce natural food. Sustainability is a theme which also underpinned our topic last term; 'Do we have the power to control the Earth?’, as we explored natural disasters and the factors that contribute to causing these. Having visited Tablehurst Farm in Term 3, Year 3 will now be taking action to raise awareness and fundraise for Tablehurst Farm. 



Teaching Team


Miss Lampard - Teacher                                                        Miss Lock - Teaching Assistant                                          


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