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Pupil Parliament 

Pupil Parliament puts our pupils, our school values and vision at the heart of everything we do. Pupil Parliament Representatives will have the opportunity to share their class's ideas about how to make our lovely school even better and be involved in the decision-making process, thus making a positive impact on the school.


To ensure more children may benefit from being part of Pupil Parliament, and in keeping with our school values, each class has one elected representative who will be accompanied by a different child each meeting. This fairer process allows more children to gain new skills and have a voice in how our school moves forward.

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Our Pupil Parliament Representatives for this academic year are:

Class/Year group


Elm / Yr 1


Birch / Yr 2


Hazel / Yr 3


Sycamore / Yr 4


Chestnut/Yr 5


Rowan / Yr 6