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Religious Education

R.E. is an important part of our curriculum where pupils are given the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of the similarities and differences between and within religions, how beliefs are expressed in different ways and how personal beliefs impact on a person's sense of identity or belonging. Pupils are encouraged to reflect on the concepts taught and how these might apply to their own lives, taking into consideration their own world view.

"The curriculum has a good balance between Christianity and a wide range of religions and worldviews. This gives pupils the opportunity to consider a breadth of diverse beliefs and cultures. Pupils are continuously challenged in RE through 'big questions' such as 'conflict: good, bad or necessary?' Further challenge comes at the end of each year when pupils compare and contrast Christianity to the other religions and worldviews. This enriches pupils' understanding of difference." SIAMS, December 2023



As a Church of England Primary School, the 'Understanding Christianity' resource forms the core of our R.E. learning about Christianity alongside The Agreed Syllabus for R.E. in East Sussex - Faith and Belief in the 21st Century 2022-2027, which also informs and supports our studies on Judaism, Hinduism and Islam. Other world faiths or secular world views may be taught if specifically appropriate to individual classes. At the end of each academic year, we undertake a thematic unit which allows opportunities to compare and contrast beliefs and practices across and within religions. 


R.E. Long Term Plan 

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R.E. Intent and Implementation

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Pupil Voice


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 Whole School

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