Our Values

At Forest Row, we have chosen to incorporate the teaching of values into our curriculum and ethos, as we believe that the principles underlying Values Education provide us with a code by which we should lead our lives.

As a staff team, we looked at our aims and vision, with a view to the image in our minds of the kind of young people we would like to see leaving our school at the end of this phase in their education. Based on this image, we discussed the values we wished to promote and encourage, and 11 key values were chosen. These are taught over a two-year period.

A large central display in the Hall is a visual reminder of our selected values. Each value is introduced during Collective Worship and is the focus for these special times in the school day as well as incorporated into PSHE lessons, RE and stories. Displays around the school link to the focus value and are often interactive, so that children can express their views.

Behavioural issues are dealt with from a values base, ensuring a positive approach, and children are praised and rewarded with Values certificates each Friday in our Celebration Assembly for showing the values in action. Children are beginning to reflect and express themselves using the language of values, so developing a common values vocabulary. They can articulate their opinions and feelings and are developing thinking skills. In terms of resilience and determination, there has been a positive impact on standards.

In summary, Values Education provides a means of working together to make things better and aims to make a difference through its positive contribution to the lives of children and adults in the school community. Find out more at http://www.valuesbasededucation.com/

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