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Home Learning Term 2 Project

Our Term 5/6 Class reader will be 'The Secret Lake' by Karen Inglis.





Our School Council Reps:

Ciaran, Marcie and Oliver.



 In D.T. we explored the theme of  'Make-do and Mend' as part of our 'Home Front' topic.  We practised basic sewing skills like sewing on a button, adding a patch and joining 2 pieces of fabric together before applying all these skills to make these amazing soft toys out of recycled material.


 We have written non-chronological reports about 'The Home Front.'


Hannah's super

non-chronological report.



Olivia's super

non-chronological report.


As part of our whole school 'Take 1 picture' event, we used pastels to create pop-art collages. Each child in the group coloured several squares and then we put the Mona Lisa back together!


 We were very proud to receive our Bronze (10 miles) and Silver (25 miles) awards for the Golden Mile today (22/3/19).


Every child in Hazel class has now achieved their Bronze award and 15 have achieved their Silver award.


Our next challenge is 'going for Gold'  so we'll have to run 50 miles in total!


Congratulations to Olivia and Morris who are the first children in the school to achieve their Gold award for running 50 miles!

Well done to Abbie and Cameron who have also achieved their Silver award for 25 miles today  (5/4/19).

Congratulations to everyone who has achieved the next milestone in the Golden Mile this month (June).


A special congratulations to Morris and Hannah for being the first children in the school to achieve their Emerald Awards for an amazing 75 miles run.