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Early Years Curriculum

We aim to make our children’s experiences of school as happy and fulfilling as possible and to lay the firm foundations that will equip all children for a lifetime of learning.

 Our classes are organised to provide an environment that will foster children’s self-confidence, self-esteem and eagerness to learn through play-based and teacher-led experiences. The children are encouraged to participate in opportunities to develop their own creativity, independence and responsibility.


In the Bluebell Federation, our aims are for pupils to:


  • Feel valued, secure and happy
  • Make friends and talk to other children and adults
  • Explore and develop their own gifts and talents
  • Develop a positive attitude to learning
  • Express themselves creatively and imaginatively
  • Learn and practise new skills
  • Share ideas, knowledge and the joy of discovery with other children and adults
  • Investigate, explore and discover
  • Produce work of quality, depth and variety 


eyfs intent.pdf


reception curriculum map pdf.pdf




Preparing your Child


There are many ways in which you can help your child to prepare for school. Your child will be developing the following skills which will make school life easier. How many of these can your child already do?


  • Do up their own coat
  • Use the toilet independently
  • Wash and dry hands
  • Use a handkerchief or tissue
  • Fasten shoes
  • Follow instructions
  • Use a knife and fork


The following activities help to develop reading, writing and early number skills and can be fun to do at home!

  • Play matching games such as Snap and Picture Lotto
  • Sing or say traditional nursery rhymes
  • Look at picture books together and visit the library
  • Display an alphabet frieze
  • Use Play dough and Plasticine to help develop the muscles used in writing
  • Draw and write with chalk and large wax crayons
  • Tracing or writing on top of a highlighter pen
  • Look for numbers and shapes in the environment, on road signs, front doors and in the supermarket …
  • Count and sort everyday objects in the home e.g. count the socks in the wash basket and sort into pairs, counting songs, counting steps as you climb etc.
  • Play simple board games
  • Make a collection of pebbles or shells and sort them in different ways
  • Do some cooking together


There is further useful information in our EYFS booklet for parents.

EYFS Parent Information Booklet