At Forest Row we follow the the Inspire Curriculum, an integrated thematic curriculum which links to the wider world of work, life-skills and learning outside the classroom. It includes:

  • 54 downloadable themed units, each lasting up to 4 weeks, each mapped to National Curriculum Programmes of Study, and including Applied Maths which have been adapted to suit our school. 
  • Complete POS Coverage for English, Applied Mathematics, Science, Languages, Art & Design, Design & Technology, Geography, History, Computing and Music
  • Standalone Maths which will work with existing programmes
  • Resource Lists and Summary Sheets
  • Medium Term Planning
  • Launch and Language Power points
  • Exemplified Lessons (Unit Launch Lesson, Subject Lead Lessons and French Lessons with Spanish coming soon)
  • Resources to support lessons
  • Lesson summary ideas for approx 72 or 76 guided learning hours per unit
  • SPAG work linking to all units.

Whole School Learning Journey Overview 2019/20

Individual class curriculum plans are in separate documents labelled by year group. You can download and view the ones that interest you from 'Our Classes'. 

Please speak to a member of staff should you wish any additional information relating to the curriculum or follow this link:

In addition, you may be interested in some of our policies which are related to the curriculum:

English policy
Maths policy
Maths Calculation policy

Maths Calculation policy breakdown

Teaching and Learning Policy


In addition to the Inspire Curriculum, we follow the PSHE scheme 'Jigsaw', the East Sussex Agreed Syllabus for RE and Letterjoin to ensure consistency in handwriting throughout the school.

Premier Sport facilitate some of the curriculum and after school PE clubs.